Here are some answers to the most common questions we are asked at AFTER DARK

How long does the wick last?
The wick in an AFTER DARK oil candle will last indefinitely. In an oil candle it is the oil not the wick that burns and although the top of the wick will blacken when first lit, it will never burn down inside the wick holder. To ensure the longevity of your wick, be sure to follow these two simple instructions the first time you light your candle:
1. Adjust the wick so that there is approximately 1mm showing above the top of the wick holder.
2. Having replaced the wick holder allow approximately two minutes for the oil to soak into the wick.
Do I have to buy oil separately?
Our BOTANICAL RANGE comes ready filled with oil, but all other oil burning products require a separate oil purchase. AFTER DARK are suppliers of some of the highest quality LAMP OIL available, it is virtually odourless and has a very high flash point. This means that the oil will only ignite at a very high temperature.
What about coloured oil?
AFTER DARK TINTS allow you to colour your oil any shade imaginable. Each 10ml bottle will colour at least 1 litre of oil and the specially designed dropper bottles allow you to mix and match, drop by drop until you achieve the perfect colour. These tints will not have any affect on the quality of the oil.
What about fragrant oil?
If you are interested in perfumed or fragrant products then we have just the thing for you. Both the GEL CANDLE and JELLY CANDLE ranges come in a variety of scents and colours to suit your every mood.
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